22 Aug

Super Affiliate Secrets

Affiliate marketing tends to be regarded with a great deal more confusion than is merited. For many people, it brings to mind images of very complex technical endeavors, a great amount of server space and possibly hundreds of webpages. While operations of such complexity do exist, this is hardly the norm.

The other principal source of confusion is usually regarding how one gets paid. There is a common perception that affiliate programs pay too little to be profitable without a great investment in technology and without such a number of affiliate programs being live at any given time that a multi-person effort would be required to realize any profit. This is also untrue.

One can begin an affiliate endeavor with no more than one product. Literally, just one product can be the source of decent income, particularly if that product happens to be in high-demand and if the affiliate marketer is savvy enough to position themselves as a resource for people seeking to avail themselves of that product.

Building the webpage need not be an overly-technical affair, either. A simple webpage with good content can do a lot to sell a product. The content will be one of the most vital parts of being a successful affiliate marketer and that subject will be explored to a great depth later on.

Getting paid is not hard to understand, either. Once one understands how these programs work, they are revealed to be something with which any marketer is very much familiar: commissions-based sales.

There are numerous companies looking for skilled affiliate marketers, this is because affiliate marketing is one of the most definitively win/win types of marketing in existence. The customer, the vendor and the marketer all stand to gain a great deal from this model.

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08 Aug

Methods of List Maintenance

As we discussed last time, lists are very important to our online business, but how do we keep them interested? That is what we will be talking about today.

E-zine Or Newsletter: The e-zine, or newsletter, is a list of people that you gather, and send information related to your target market on a weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. The idea is the useful content that you send them will have them want to keep reading and open your mail each time, keeping your response rates and read rates high.

Ok so here we have it. The staple of most online marketers before they hit it big, and sometimes even after, the well-known e-zine list. I’m sure you’ll already know from reading other information is that this method in itself can actually become a lot of work. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of work, but when it gets to a particular point, it may not be prudent for you to run an e-zine anymore. This however is a good place to start if you have the time.

Expect to write an issue of your e-zine every week or two weeks and avoid leaving long, long gaps in between mailings, otherwise, quite simply people will forget you. This is a great place to start if you’re starting out, for the simple reason people like free info, and it’s so much easier to get people to subscribe to this type of list compared to others, even when there’s freebies involved. Of course, you will have to know a lot about your field of expertise to present regular useful issues, or even pull in outside articles from publishers to use as content.

The catch is you’ll have to be on top of things, and it does take some time to come up with good content for issues. The up side to this is people will be waiting for your e-zine. If it’s good and keeps people reading content wise, it’s a surefire way to keep response rates up and to make a connection with your subscribers, the personal touch, which in turn will add up to trust and a higher purchase rate for your own products.

The next upside to this is that you can sell ads for cash. To whom? To your subscribers of course. It’s an instant quick way to earn cash, by selling large solo ads that go out separately from the e-zine, to smaller ads that precede each issue, and even cheaper, mid and smaller ads contained within the issue. It’s a good all rounder in fact. The downside here is many e-zines turn into ad lists. When the ads massively outnumber the useful content, subscribers start to feel cheated and leave. I’ve been there before, and if you’ve tested out or subscribed to some e-zines before you may have seen this.

Another great thing about the newsletter and e-zine is it can be quite personal. As the readers and subscribers get used to you as a publisher, and you become white listed (In their spam filers and in their minds) you’ll see a greater interest in your products, because after all, you’re not just another marketer out there spouting rubbish to everyone to make a quick buck. You’re a trusted publisher in an authoritative role, and people will listen to you, and buy your stuff. This takes time though. Don’t expect to become well know to all your subscribers overnight.

Personal List – Mixed Content

Personal mixed content list is a list gathered by you, that you don’t use to sell outside ads to on a regular basis. Mailings contain research, new product information for your customers, a few articles that you write, the odd tips here and there, testimonial requests, and of course the ads for your own products. Mailings are very similar to an e-zine, except for the mixed content and the lower sales of ads to third parties. They also require less content on your part.

One of the most highly used list types by specialist marketers, definitely one of the most interesting and robust of methods. Imagine having a list of your own, which generally comprises of customers that know who you are, trust your word, many of them having bought from you before or subscribed to your list for the simple sake of following the progress and watching what you do as an authoritative figure in your chosen field of expertise. All of these factors come together to make a highly responsive list and one heck of a joint venture bargaining tool.

Keep in mind that you are working towards being an authoritative figure, taking  the time to build up trust, and after one bad decision, one bad joint venture with the wrong person, and your rep is in tatters, and you have a lot of groveling to the subscribers to do to make up for it. I can think of several examples where marketers’ reputations have been tarnished, some even to the point of them quitting the business, because this important resource they built up over the years was destroyed by a JV with someone unreliable or that has a bad reputation that they didn’t know about. Do your research, don’t take big joint ventures lightly, and this won’t happen to you. The biggest risk, but with the biggest reward, as always.


06 Aug

How Well Are You Taking Care Of Your Lists?

List maintenance is one of the most important subjects in online marketing. Your list is your number one and most basic bottom level output for your promotions. It’s expensive and time consuming to gather, but forms one of the most powerful resources and profit potential you have.

For this reason, we need to understand exactly how it works. Throughout my time in online marketing, I’ve tried many different formats. There are clear differences that allow some methods to come out on top, while some fail miserably.

Depending on your business, there are several solutions that might be right for you. For this reason, we need to look at the big five to allow you to decide which one is going to make you the most cash.

The number one thing that I need to tell you right now, before we continue is that you need to make 100% sure that the people signing up know what they’re getting themselves into. For example, how many e-zines or newsletters have you ever subscribed to only to find out that they’re not actually e-zines and newsletters, just ad lists (which to be honest aren’t all that bad in particular situations, but we’ll be getting to that in a moment).

The choice you make now will shape your business far in to the future, but more importantly whatever you tell your customers and subscribers they’ll be getting will shape your response rate considerably, and that’s obviously something we’ll want to take into account from the very start. So there we have it. Rule number one, never tell your customers they’re getting something then deny them that, or send them things that they haven’t requested or didn’t know about, because not only will that get you into trouble, but it will also affect the loyalty and trust these customers and subscribers have with you, which is so important.

What we are aiming to build here is a targeted and effective list that has response rates through the roof depending on what you’re promoting. Don’t forget this also includes affiliates, and may form a large part of your affiliate base. Which brings me onto one more point, what is your list there for? Promotions and to allow you to make money from the subscribers selling products that either you’ve created, or affiliate products in your target market, to build joint ventures, and of course increase your affiliate numbers and quality.

Remember we’re promoting not just for profit, but to learn valuable lessons at the same time. Your list provides as much useful data as your advert tracking, no matter how small. This Is your key to developing a successful business that is aimed at your target market, and creating a sales system that works, not just in your eyes, but in the eyes of the people that are most important to you. And that’s your customer, the person who at the end of the day is going to make you a whole lot of money if treated right.

So Ask Them! Don’t feel stupid about sending out emails to your list that aren’t adverts, or that might seem like random babble to you. To them, not only will they feel closer to you personally, no matter what technique you use (which in turn will have them reading more often) but it’ll give you really important results about you newest product, your website or even an idea that you have for a product that you’d like feedback on before you even start.

Use your list in this way…

Promote to learn, not to make a profit, and you’ll end up with far more cash at the end of the year than if you just assume or guess.  Get the knowledge you need to succeed from your customers before they even hand you their money. It works wonders for you, your reputation, your knowledge and your pockets. Ask your list if you’re not sure. It’s so powerful that it would be a complete waste if not utilized properly. If you’re right, great, go for it. If you’re wrong, your list will tell you so, great again. You can fix it and pocket the cash at the same time. I can’t think of a fairer deal than that. Keep it in mind. Your list is more than a bunch of names. It’s a bunch of opinions, and real important ones at that.



29 Jul

Importance of Backlinks


Bing and Google have been trying to discount the use and influence of paid links on their search results. Obviously it’s not possible for them to detect all paid links, they have been putting in a lot of time and resources into formulating ways to detect and discredit the practice. If you get caught buying links you risk severe penalties that will probably kill your rankings and send your site to oblivion.

When you look at it in terms of building your site or blog, you will find several important factors which play a part in your overall SEO plan:


Search engine ranking: It’s the main goal for most marketers and one of the ways this is achieved is by creating quality links to your pages. The key here is to create a variation of anchor texts and get it from niche blog or high quality blogs.

Fast indexing: After creating a brand new website, the next challenge is getting indexed quickly by Google; but having backlinks from an active website tends to expedite this process.

Page rank: If you get linked back from good quality PR sites then quite possibly you will get a decent page rank in subsequent updates.


One of the many ways to find out how well your site ranks on a search engine is to search for one of the key phrases targeted by the page. For instance if you want to rank well for a phrase such as “diet pill” then it would help if you earned links from pages that already rank well for that particular phrase.

It takes a lot of practice, effort and experience to establish these variables as they affect your ranking but you can always use one of the many web analytics to find out whether your campaign is gaining traction. You know the strategy is working when you see an increase in search traffic, frequent search engine crawling and better rankings, among other things. If you don’t see a rise in these metrics then its possible you need to work on your on-page optimization or pursue better quality link targets.

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16 Jul

My Quick Review of “Monkey Marketing Mastermind”

What does every marketer want?

More money. More traffic. More subscribers. More sales. More respect and power in the niche.

Being a mediocre marketer won’t get you these things. If you want to achieve big player status in the niche, then you need to get an edge. You need to do the things that top marketers in the world are doing. You need to do the things that your competitors don’t yet know about so that you can blindside them.

That’s where the Monkey Marketing Mastermind package comes in.

Monkey Marketing Mastermind is a brand new package of five training videos created by top marketers Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason. These are seven-figure marketers who spend their days developing and testing strategies for:

Closing more sales using deep-seated psychological triggers (this stuff borders on mind control).

Turning exit traffic into subscribers and customers.

Using viral marketing in some pretty surprising ways.

Boosting affiliate sales with some remarkably clever tactics.


And now for the first time ever, Simon and Jeremy are sharing their best marketing strategies, along with a few kick-ass secrets that no one else is talking about. That’s what you get inside the Monkey Marketing Mastermind package.

This package includes the following five training videos:

1. Fear Factor Fortunes, which shows you a surefire way to jack your conversion rates and sales through the roof!

2. The Intensifier, which delivers a little-known strategy for exploding your sales on any product in any niche!

3. Commission Miner, a brilliant and almost devious way to crush your affiliate competition and start cashing fatter commission checks!

4. Traffic Splash, which reveals the scientific truth about how to get a ton of traffic and influence the masses with a successful viral campaign!

5. List Monster, which shows you a fast and easy way to build your mailing list and cash in using the exit traffic that’s leaving your site right this minute!


I’ve reviewed all five of them and I’m extremely impressed. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned marketer, you’re sure to find tips and tricks inside these videos that will help you grow your business. You may even discover that some of the things you’ve heard about traffic, sales and conversion rates are just plain wrong… and your sales are suffering for it.

The second cool thing about the Monkey Marketing Mastermind package is that you get resell rights to all five videos if you act now. Simon and Jeremy even give you video sales letters and promo emails. All you have to do is load this stuff up to your website, copy and paste in your buy button, and you’re all ready to take orders.

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You’re going to hear a LOT about these videos in the coming days because they reveal some truly underground marketing techniques. That’s one good reason why you’ll want to jump on this offer today.

Another good reason to buy now is because the special introductory offer ends July 22nd. You’ll totally kick yourself if you miss out on the chance to get these amazing videos with resell rights!

Bottom line…

If you need more traffic, more subscribers, more sales and more money, then check out Monkey Marketing Mastermind right now. Everyone is going to be talking about these strategies – don’t get left behind, order now!




10 Jul

Link Building Basics


For a long time now search engines have been using links as votes, which represent the web’s opinion on what pages users find relevant and useful based on popularity. After years of programming development, the search engines have mastered and refined the use of link data, where complex algorithms are put in place to create nuance evaluation of websites based on this information.

Links are not the entirety of SEO, but most search experts agree that huge portions of search engine algorithms are designed around link-based factors. By using links, the engines can determine a site’s popularity in a specific niche based on the number of pages linked to it and when this information is combined with other metrics like trust and authority, the search engines assign a rank for the website.

Trustworthy sites usually link to other trusted sites while spammy sites get the fewest links from trusted sites and links are a great way to establish the validity of documents on any given subject.

What is Link building?

Link building refers to the process of getting external pages on the internet to link to your own website. The more important and popular a website is, the more the links from that website matter. A popular site such as Wikipedia has thousands of different websites linking to it which means it’s probably an important and popular site. In order for you to earn popularity and trust with the search engines, you need assistance from other link partners. The more important the site, the better.

The Basics

Link building is one of the most challenging parts of SEO but also the most important to success. In order to succeed in link building you will need a decent budget, hustle, and more importantly, creativity. Each link building campaign is unique and the way you choose to build your own links will depend largely on your website as well as your personality. Your strategy should fall under one/or more of these types of link acquisition:

• Natural or Editorial Links: These are a type of links which websites and pages give naturally in order to link to your own content. Natural links don’t require any specific action from SEO, apart from the existence of quality content and the ability to raise awareness about it.

• Outreach or Manual Link Building: Outreach links are created through personal effort by contacting bloggers for links, spending money for listings and submitting websites to popular directories.

• Self-Created Links: Many websites encourage visitors to create links through blog comments, guestbook signings, user profiles and forum signatures. While these links only offer small value in the long run, they still have an impact on a number of websites. But generally, search engines tend to devalue these types of links and they’ve been known to penalize websites that use these links aggressively


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05 Jun

Building Your Affiliate ARMY to Grow Your Profits

The average Internet Marketer does not approach the product “launch process” properly. They spend time creating an awesome product only to fall short of reaching their income goal. They just don’t get the affiliate support they need to hit their sales goal.


Why do you think that so many fail when it comes to building their affiliate army? Why do you think that so many internet marketers believe that “if they build it, they will come?” The reality is, that if you build an amazing product your sales are not just going to appear.


There are Internet Marketers that think that by posting on a product on a particular selling platform that they are going to make tons of money by default. For example, posting their product offer on a forum. Many people solely rely on “organic platform traffic.” The reality is this, if you were to go to the Warrior Forum and you were to post an offer today, and do ZERO traffic driving, and use no kind of affiliate network just depending on organic traffic in the forum… your “launch” would likely be a complete failure.


Building an affiliate army is crucial to your launch’s success. You have to set aside time for this and you have to follow a plan if you want to get powerful affiliates on board to promote your launch. Remember, that when you’re recruiting for your army that the super affiliates are business people. Before you try recruiting them, you need to make sure that you’ve got all your ducks in a row. You should get to know them first because a stranger may perceive your launch as “risky.” This is their business and they have to make sure that their income continues to come in. If they don’t know you, they just have to “TRUST” that your offer will convert well and that you will treat their customers properly.


There are two super affiliates that recently covered this in great detail. These 2 guys are always at the top of the leaderboard for huge launches and they opened my eyes to quite a few important Affiliate Recruitment Tactics. Omar Martin & Dave Nicholson know EXACTLY what to do and have generated millions of dollars online. Together they created an awesome product on how to recruit affiliates and create buzz for your launch. The product is called WP-Affiliate Builder and you can check it out here!


When you get inside of the WP-Affiliate Builder members area you’ll find an ebook with 7 chapters of tactics that will help you grow your army, there’s also an audio version so you can download it and listen to it on the go. The site also has JV video training that teaches you the exact steps that Omar Martin & Dave Nicholson themselves use to teach their affiliates how to make money by promoting your products. They include a JV blog development training section that will teach you how to create the JV pages that your affiliates need in order to be armed to promote your product PROPERLY.
These videos are not only going to teach you what you need to know, but it’s going to provide you with the resources to do it well. WP-Affiliate Builder is more than just training, it provides you with Word Press plugins that help automate a huge part of your product launches.


The site is absolutely amazing. You definitely don’t want to miss out on what these guys have going on. You should definitely go right now to get access to their site. You won’t be disappointed. I hope to see you there.



03 Jun

Finding The Right Traffic “Carrier”


The last time we were talking about finding & getting Viral traffic. So let’s continue with how to kick start your viral marketing campaign you will need to find a suitable ‘carrier’ for your ‘viruses’.


By having the right carrier, you will be able to launch your campaign as swiftly as possible because it will take a while before the viral effect starts to kick in.


A suitable carrier would be an E-product that will easily fall into the hands of many readers automatically and it must have a targeted audience (related to that particular niche) who will find your ad useful.


However, you must choose the right kind of carrier. This carrier must either have a lot of credibility or an attraction factor that will appeal to the target audience or the resellers (other carriers).


An example of an effective carrier is that the E-product must have an appealing E-cover that will capture the attention of your prospects.


You must give them a reason to do the viral marketing work for you without you doing it yourself. The key is to set it up correctly the first time (choosing the best product to place your ad, writing a compelling advertisement and choosing the best placements).


Then, when your campaign launches, you won’t need to do anything more other than watch the traffic flow in!

Find A High Traffic Blog


How does one maximize from a high traffic blog when that blog doesn’t belong to you or when your own blog has little traffic to begin with? How does one cope when he is new to Internet marketing?


Well, one of the fastest ways to get started out is to search for blogs that are constantly looking for content from contributors like the blog on the previous page.


Contribute Relevant Content


If you want to divert traffic from blogs  what you do is to contribute your own blog posts as a contributor.


Talk about topics that are relevant to their blog as well as your own. This is a good way to capture the reader’s attention.


You will reap the following benefits:


You get to tap into their traffic and drive traffic to your website

You get to build your credibility online because you get to leverage on their ‘authority’

The blog post remains there for a certain period of time ensuring that you will get maximum exposure

As mentioned above regarding credibility, there is one section that you must take note of because it is really valuable. Beneath every article that you contribute, there is a section called the author’s bio. This bio books allows you to ‘sell’ yourself and brand yourself as an expert in whatever niche that you are in. Use this bio box wisely and you can be sure to drive tons of traffic to your website by including a link to your blog or website!


01 Jun

Getting Traffic To Your Sites

Ever thought about starting a business only to abandon the idea because of a lack of finances? Well, your penny-saving days have come to an end thanks to the Internet’s way of getting customers!


There are about 5 essential techniques that you can use to greatly boost your website’s traffic without spending your life savings on expensive ‘traffic generation’ software or even paid traffic! You will not need to invest your life savings in Google AdWords or pay through your nose for private advertising space on high traffic blogs.


These techniques are so powerful that it will help you create so much traffic; you will think you are in Internet marketing heaven!


So why do these techniques work? Here’s the reason why:

Your ‘agents’ of delivery are willing to promote YOU for free!

You are sitting on fertile soil (high traffic websites)

The owners of those websites have got something of value from you (and you will be giving it with minimal effort)

You are relying on the massive duplicating power that the Internet has to offer!


I am not saying that all paid traffic is bad. Both free and paid traffic has its place in the grand scheme of things, but it is always better to start off with free traffic and monetize it FIRST.


And once you’ve mastered the art of monetizing free traffic, you can incorporate paid traffic.


The key is for anyone who is just starting out to ‘plant their seeds’ all over the Internet’s soil. You can pick and choose which of your ‘plants’ grow faster and bear fruit and spend more time nurturing it.


It sure beats setting up a shop downtown, sitting there all day waiting for customers to arrive. So let’s tap into the power of the fastest and most inexpensive business in the world right now!


Why Viral Marketing Is Extremely Powerful?

Ever had Chicken Pox? It all starts from one member of the family getting infected by a friend or a relative. He brings the virus home and pretty soon the entire family gets hit by chicken pox, but not before the ‘carrier’ passes it to another friend’s family!


This is what viral marketing is like – when you have the necessary tools to drive traffic to your website, your profits will be unstoppable!


Here are a few key components you will need to accomplish this feat:

Advertisements placed in strategic locations (e.g. at the back of viral E-books)

E-products with resell rights (any form that allows the product to be easily passed to another – master resell rights, unrestricted PLR rights, rebranding rights or giveaway rights)

A viral software to refer your friends (e.g. Viral Friend Generator)


I will continue this next time so that you have time to let this sink in & let your ideas start to form.



25 May

Staying Motivated

A positive attitude and a lot of passion are absolutely necessary to running a successful business over the long term. Your passion and dream will be your motivation during this process. However, the daily ups and downs of running a business, along with the occasional misstep, will often diminish your motivation. This can have severe consequences. Without proper and long lasting motivation the odds of your business surviving for years to come will be reduced. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to help maintain your own motivation and to help motivate your staff.

Positive Thoughts

Again, so much of running your own business comes down to positive thoughts. Staying positive and changing how you think about life can help ensure that you stay motivated during difficult times.

Seek out support

Being an entrepreneur is difficult work. Sometimes it can help to reach out to others, especially if they are also entrepreneurs. Seeking out support from other people who are facing similar challenges can help you retain your motivation and find new innovative ways to solve your problems. Support from others can also help you have a little fun and remember why you wanted to be an entrepreneur in the first place.

Believe in your ability to accomplish your dreams

However you go about achieving this, it is important to replenish your belief in yourself on a regular basis. Some people accomplish this by creating a motivation wall, while others have regular meetings with a mentor or life coach. Even just taking a few minutes each day to tell yourself that you have what it takes to succeed can motivate you to keep going.

Get away from work for a while

Every mind needs a little rest. It is important to get away from your business and your entrepreneurial mindset every now and then, simply to allow your brain to rest and recuperate. This is a great time to engage in a hobby and get some exercise. Exercise is vital to a healthy mind and by taking some time to relax and refresh you will find that you are able to return to work with more motivation.

Learning How to Manage Your Time

Properly managing your time will help you not only to be more productive, it will also help ensure that you remain motivated. Every successful entrepreneur has good time management skills.

Forget ‘clock time’

Traditional time management wisdom is designed to help you manage your ‘clock time’, or actual minutes on the clock. This is not really how you spend your day however. You may want to consider forgetting about ‘clock time’ and focus on real time. Real time is how much of your day you spend on each activity, both in work and at home. Real time is relative.

Choose how much time you want to spend on specific things

Since real time is relevant, you have the power to choose how much of your time you spend on specific activities. As a business owner you may not be able to stop interruptions and problems, but you can choose how much time you want to spend dealing with them. Decide how much time you want to spend thinking about things, conversing about things and acting on things, then match your available time appropriately.

Working When You Are Most Productive

Part of learning how to better manage your time means learning to organize your efforts so that you are working when you are likely to be the most productive. This process helps to eliminate wasted time, or when you are working but not being particularly productive.